Health Care

Caring for kenya

When lack of adequate health care was brought to light, CfK started a mobile medical clinic.  To date more than 5,500 people have been treated either free or for a nominal fee.  Medical missionary, James Kitengu, has treated a wide range of problems, from malnutrition to malaria, typhoid, AIDS, and parasitic worms, as well as bandaging wounds, treating infections, pulling teeth, and dispensing eye glasses.  He also does AIDS prevention programs.   For some people, the mobile medical clinic has been their only access to health care.  


Currently CfK is providing medical supplies and equipment along with water filters to  Celestine Mutua small medical clinic near Nzawa.  It included a waiting room, examination room, recovery room with 2 single beds, and a modest supply of medicines and bandages.  Celestine had been trained and worked for a mission hospital as a nurse.   CfK also provides supplies, baby clothes, and blankets to area hospitals.  


Caring for Kenya continues to drill more wells providing clean water thereby reducing medical problems.  Plans are underway to strength the in-country health care system and consideration is being given to sending a medical team to Kenya.